By Sara Thompson August 19, 2020

The officials have made the final declaration, “all public schools in Sacramento County will remain closed all through fall and students are expected to alternatively learn from home and at a distance...”

Of course, we have the virus to blame for this change of events. 

Taking on the role of a school teacher in addition to the already tasking role of parenting is super stressful. But hey, it isn’t all that bad. When life gives you lemons and all that.

Now, you can keep a close eye on what your kid(s) learns, and how well they deal with schoolwork. Homeschooling might just be your silver lining if you make the best out of it. 

And making the very best out of homeschool begins with the learning space. 

Naturally, your home is not a school, and neither is it a classroom, but you can always turn things around. Healthy learning is enhanced by a well organized and creative environment, and if you’ve not made any real effort to upgrade your home-learning space, now is the perfect time to do so. 

These homeschool space tips and ideas are what you and your kid(s) need for a happier and successful learning experience. 


First things first, you need to find the perfect location in your house that is well-suited for learning. This means finding a spot with lots of natural light that is also far from all distractions like the TV or other noise-prone areas. Natural lighting is essential to the learning process as most studies have proven that it can improve performance, creativity and well being. 

Bonus tip: You can beef up the lighting with lamps and other lighting accessories. An LED reading lamp is especially recommended. 


Color has an excellent reputation for improving mood and inspiring the human mind. It is also a well-known fact that children, especially younger children, are stimulated by colors. For instance, warm colours like yellow and orange are attention-grabbing and optimistic. Cooler shades like blue have a calming and soothing effect. In light of this, consider children-friendly colors for the walls and for the furniture. 

Bonus tip: You can give your kid(s) free rein to select the colors of their choice. They will be better - motivated to learn in their own customized space. 


Next, your kid(s) will need a sitting and study desk, and you will be doing them a huge favor by making this comfortable. An ergonomic setting is crucial for good posture and for promoting fantastic writing skills. The desk should be at or a little below their elbow height. The chair should be comfortable enough; adjustable chairs are good options. Reading desks with drawer units are also the best for storage and convenience purposes.

Bonus tip: Create an extra and more leisurely study corner or reading nook for your child’s comfort. Doesn’t have to be showy. Bean bags or a couch with fluffy pillows will do. 


 Learning supplies should be stored appropriately and organized to avoid clutter and to make it easy to reach. Mounted shelves are the best for this; You can utilize storage cubes or bins to store books, pens and art supplies. A magazine file holder can also be used to organize some of the larger books and teaching materials. 

Bonus tip: Use vertical shelving units to maximize space. You can use a spice rack for this or a bookshelf that you already own. 


Organization makes everything easier, plus kids learn better in a clutter-free space. Create a bulletin board or a wall calendar that highlights daily class schedules and assignments. You can use a planner to organize this too. Create a separate folder for completed tasks. Let each child have a designated shelf or a different colored bin and file to avoid confusion. 

PRO TIP:  You can purchase most of the decorating tools and furniture from IKEA, Target or other furniture and houseware stores in Sacramento. 

Give your kid(s) the option to personalize the space; let them hang their favorite cartoon characters, paint their desk or hang their artwork on the walls. Lastly, don’t overdo it. Keep the space simple, organized and practical. Good luck!