How to Get a Little Extra "ME Time" Each Day

By Sara Thompson August 19, 2020

Dear mom, You should give yourself permission to indulge in daily self-care!! 

Ask the average Sacramento mom if she ever takes time out to pamper herself and she will probably laugh and respond with the all-too-familiar question “and who gets to take care of the family while I’m self-indulging?” 

While it is commendable that moms often go to great lengths to ensure the care and well being of their family, it is a little sad that they usually neglect their own selves while playing “supermoms.” This shouldn’t be the case. Experts say parents need at least 15-20 mins of ‘me time’ every day to recharge and decompress.


You can’t run a healthy home if your own well-being is in shambles. If mommy should suffer a meltdown, everyone suffers too. So before you work yourself to a “mommy break down,” you should start taking care of yourself also. Yes, It isn’t particularly easy to take time off from mom duties, but you can with the right “action plan” in hand. So dear mama, here are some ways you can give yourself 15 mins of ‘me time’ every day. 

1. Take a drive

Leave the kids home with a trusted adult and take a short drive. Wind down the windows, sing along to your favorite songs and let the wind caress your hair. You are sure to return home happier and refreshed. 

2.  Bust a move

Turn on the music and dance your heart out. Ask the kids to join you to make it more entertaining. Have a toddler? Dance with them too. They will likely find it amusing and try to imitate your steps. At the end of the day, everyone is happier and more energized. 

3. Sign up for yoga

The health and meditative benefits of yoga is a long list. Get some of these benefits for yourself. You don’t even have to leave your house. Yoga studios, like Purely hot yoga and One flow yoga, offer virtual online yoga classes. Simply strap your baby to the high chair and stretch out in front of the screen. 

4. Indulge in the bathroom 

Stop rushing out of the bathroom all the time. Your kids can hold their own for 10 more minutes. Luxuriate in a bubble bath with a tall glass of wine and a book. Light a few scented candles for good measure. 

5. Visit the park

The neighborhood parks are there for a reason; to bask and indulge in the relaxing beauty of nature. Thankfully, most parks in Sacramento are now open for walks, jogging and hiking. So use this opportunity to enjoy life and get some exercise done. Remember to wear a mask and to properly keep a distance between yourself and others. 

6. Read a book

That book you left unopened since you bought it, is begging to be picked up and read. 15 minutes isn’t too much to spare to read a few intriguing pages. Put the kids to bed early and read a book before you turn in for the night. You also deserve bedtime stories. 

7. Create a happy corner

Clear out some space in your room or in the patio and declare it your ‘cozy’ spot. Customize it with your favorite things like fluffy pillows, scents, books, cookie jar, and everything that makes you happy. Anytime you feel like catching your breath, escape to that cozy corner and recharge. 

8. Enjoy some screen time

Watch short TV shows, scroll through Instagram, Tik Tok, Pinterest or other social media sites that entertain you. You can also watch comedy skits and get some good laugh. 

9. Set Reminders

Sometimes you need to remind your ‘own self’ that you need to take care of yourself. It is easy to get lost in the whirlwind of mom activities. Set to-do alarms on your phone or other reminders for ‘me time.’ 

10. Do Nothing

Yes, you read that right. Sometimes ‘me time’ means doing absolutely nothing. Just sit back and disconnect from your ‘mom-self.’ Close your eyes and reflect on life’s beautiful blessings, always remind yourself that you are a great mom and a happy one at that!!

Don’t let the stress get to you mom. As much as you’d love to do everything, you’re human. And all that work can take a toll on you. Give yourself a little RNR. You deserve it!