Top 5 Things To Do In Sacramento With Kids This Week

There’s lots of fun happening in Cap City the week of March 20!

March 16, 2023

Every Thursday, Macaroni KID Downtown Sacramento shares our picks for five things to do with kids in Sacramento over the coming week.

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1. All Aboard for Story Time

Not only do we love the Railroad Museum, we LOVE their Story Time! If you haven’t already, check it out! March 20

2. Paints & Ice Cream at Leatherby’s

In my opinion, ice cream pairs well with anything. Let your child enjoy an evening of painting along with with a sweet treat! March 22

3. Parent’s Night Out

In need of a break? I’m in your boat! The West Sac Rec Center will be your best friend on Friday night.  March 24

4. Clean California Family Education Fair

Looking for ways for your family to help save the earth? This is your event! March 25

5. Youth Resource & Employment Fair

This will be a great way to connect your teen or young adult with local employers and resources, setting them up for an even brighter future! March 25

Looking for more fun in Sacramento, CA? 

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