Top 5 Things To Do In Sacramento With Kids This Week

There is lots of FUN happening in Sacramento the week of May 29

By Jamie Bondoc May 25, 2023

Hello, friends!

June is almost here, and Sacramento has a ton of Summer FUN in store for you. Stay tuned!!

Here are Macaroni KID Downtown Sacramento’s top five things to do with kids in Sacramento in the week to come. Click on the links for more details!

1. Sacramento County Fair

This is the last day of the fair, don’t miss out on the fun! May 29 

2. $5 Fridays at the Children’s Museum

We love this deal! Take advantage all month. June 2

3. Brunch Fest

Brunch, live music, Ferris wheel, and more..something for the whole family! June 3

4. Koobs Nature Area - Public Open Days

Free Nature science-themed art activities for the kiddos to enjoy! June 3

5. East Sac Pops in the Park

This is the first of a month-long series of concerts in the park. June 3

Looking for more fun in Sacramento, CA? 

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