3 Ways To Pack Your Kid's Lunch With Love

Get a free printable, be inspired by lunch bag art, or use cookie cutters to make lunchtime fun

By Macaroni KID August 24, 2023

Want the kids to know you're thinking of them during the day? Hoping to give them a little lift at school during their lunch breaks? Pack their lunches full of love with just a little extra effort. You're sure to put a smile on their faces when they sit down at the lunch table at school! Here are three simple ideas on how to make lunchtime brighter:

1. Pack an inspirational note

These simple inspirational notes will surely give your child a smile when they find them tucked between their PB&J and cookies. We gave you 12 — simply cut them up, write a personal note on the back, and add your love note to their lunchbox each morning. Get your free set of inspirational lunchbox notes now!

2. Draw a picture

The incredibly talented Lynell Jinks, who goes by the handle brownbagbrowndad on Instagram and TikTok, takes lunch bag art to a whole new level for his kids. 

Check out his amazing bags inspired by the show Wednesday

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If your art — like mine — is more of the stick-figure variety ... that's fine too! It's the thought that counts, right? Even a simple "I love you" with a heart on a brown bag, or a funny joke written on the side of a bag can go a long way to making your kid's day.

3. Make silly sandwiches for the Bento box

Do you have a picky eater? We know packing school lunches can be a PITA — and we don't mean the pocket bread kind! Bento boxes could be the answer because even a picky eater can't resist a cute sandwich! It just takes a minute or two to create a fun lunch that will make a child giggle — a swipe of the knife or a cookie cutter and some cleverly placed additions (that stay in place with the help of toothpicks) will do the trick! Need inspiration? Check out these fun and easy ideas:

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Brighten up your child's school day with these simple ideas to add a touch of love to their lunchtime routine. From heartfelt notes and whimsical drawings to creative Bento box sandwiches, you're guaranteed to bring smiles to their faces when they open their lunchboxes at school!