Top 5 Things To Do In Sacramento With Kids This Week

Let’s have some FUN in Sacramento the week of October 16

By Jamie Bondoc October 12, 2023

Every Thursday, Macaroni KID Downtown Sacramento shares our picks for FIVE family-friendly things you won’t want to miss in Sacramento over the coming week.

Here are five awesome things to do with kids in Sacramento in the week ahead. Click on the links for more details!

1. Food Truck Mania

Good food, good music, and good vibes in Natomas! October 18

2. NERF Battles!

Kids ages 10-13 will dodge, sprint, and strategize their way through thrilling battles at the West Sac Retc Center! October 20

3. Autism Speaks Walk *CANCELLED* :(

Walk to help create a more inclusive community for all individuals with autism throughout their lifespan. October 21

4. Kid’s Club Arden Fair

This month features a magic show for ages 3-10! October 21

5. Films With Friends at Sutter Fort

Bring your friends, family, and doggos down for COCO on the walls of Sutter Fort!! October 21

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