A Birthday Party To Remember At Enchanted Indoor Playground

By Jamie Bondoc May 2, 2024

Oh, the many things that go into planning a birthday - setting a budget, deciding on a guest list, choosing a venue that can accommodate our needs, coordinating activities to entertain the littles and parents simultaneously, preventing the weather from being any sort of issue the day of. All this and more can make for one heck of a stressful process. Typical me procrastinated and didn’t start planning my daughter’s birthday party until a month before. My husband and I had a vision but not much time or energy to execute. Having memorable and special celebrations for my kids is so important to me but, when you're tired and have so many other daily responsibilities, please tell me: how do you do all the things!? Luckily, just outside of Sacramento was the perfect venue to bring our vision to life without all the effort. Enchanted Indoor Playground provided exactly what we needed to host an amazing party - relieving me of all the stress. 

While planning can be daunting (hence the procrastination), Enchanted made it quick and easy. With their “Just Show Up” package, I was able to, well, just show up! I simply asked my daughter what theme she wanted and they made it happen. Actually, they didn’t just make it happen - they created the an amazing display! My daughter is not hard to please, but I can be a little particular 🧐😆 and I was blown away! I didn’t have to spend all that time designing the look and searching for decor, I didn’t have to set up, and I didn’t have to clean up. 🙌 We simply brought our pizza (way too much, might I add), drinks and dessert, and got right to playtime! 

It was great having the whole playground to ourselves. There was so much room for parents to sit comfortably and chat with others or to jump into play with their child without feeling overwhelmed by a crowd. Each corner of that space is beautiful - a lovely environment that's not overstimulating yet provides endless fun for young children. The plant walls, the dimmed and twinkly lights, the faux tree branches that hang from the ceiling - all the details that capture the magic and charm of an *enchanted* forest make you forget that you’re basically in an office warehouse. It’s not so large that you feel you might lose track of your kiddo, but your kiddo will have plenty of space to expend a ton of energy and lose themselves in play. We had toddlers as young as 14 months and youth as old as 9 that had a complete blast. With sections that cater to imaginative play and to STEAM, the soft play zone and the two-story climber, children of every age and personality were entertained. I didn’t notice any place where even my youngest could get injured, so I felt secure in everyone’s safety, and it’s super clean from wall to wall. They also have a free coffee station - parents and caregivers, need I say more? 

Initially, I felt like 2 hours would be too short and considered moving the party to a weekend just so that we could have more time (“double trouble” is one of the weekend packages they offer). However, the timing was just right for our group. Guests arrived after parents got off work. The kids played for 30 minutes before eating pizza, they played for another 30 minutes before singing happy birthday and eating cupcakes, then had one last play session before it was time to head home. Things were moving, but not rushed. For the duration of the party, Enchanted provided an assistant who was available to help with any issues we had. We forgot a lighter - she provided one. We wanted a group picture - she happily took them on all the phones that guests handed to her. We needed help rounding up kids for cake - she jumped right in! Everything was smooth and carefree.

Every single parent raved about this place. Whether they had been to Enchanted before or never heard of it, this party venue was a hit. The playground provided the fun and excitement, it saved me from worrying about rain or extreme heat, they had weeknight availability to accommodate everyone’s busy schedule at such short notice, decor left a twinkle in everyone's eye, and there was as little setup and cleanup as I could ever have imagined. Overall, they helped us create a magical birthday memory for my sweet baby girl and I couldn't be more satisfied. 

If you haven't already, be sure to check out Enchanted Indoor Playground. They're open during the week for open play and special activities. It’s perfect for casual play dates, co-working, weekly activities, special events, and explorative learning! Or, book an unforgettable birthday party in their interactive play space. All party packages include use of the indoor playground and private use of the party room. Choose from various packages that suite your needs starting at just $195!